EcoTree is a nature-based solution provider with forests across Europe


Are you a starter or small business wondering if you can make a difference? 

It really doesn’t matter how big or small you are. Take a tree for instance. One tree can provide oxygen for a year for two people. By the time a tree is 40 years old, it will have absorbed 1 tonne of carbon dioxide from the air. That’s the average amount of carbon dioxide that a car emits in half a year.   

Just like one tree can make a difference, so can we. That is why the Rhamnous Community has two charity partners that we engage with, promote and support: Coralive and Ecotree. 

EcoTree is a nature-based solution provider with forests across Europe.

Climate change is a major cause of forest destruction. It increases wildfires, droughts, storms, and diseases that have a devastating effect on our trees. Not only do the forests we have need preservation, we need to grow more forests if we want to combat climate change effectively.

Ecotree nurtures sustainable timber forests with trees owned by people from all over the world. The organisation plants the right trees in the right places and takes care of them so they can withstand climate change. They own the land where the trees are grown, but the individual trees belong to environmentally conscious organisations, companies, and individuals that buy one or more trees.

The Rhamnous Community has started growing its own Ecotree forest in France with young Douglas-fir trees. Nurturing forests involves a lot of carefully planned work by professional foresters, not only for the trees but for the entire ecosystem in the forests. After all, forests are all about balance, therefor forest management involves a wide variety of responsibilities. This includes the restoration of wetlands, the protection of bees, the clearing of invasive species, performing health checks, and much more. 

Eventually, all trees are cut for sustainable timber and 100% of the profit goes back into the forest. For each tree that is cut, three new trees are planted. By selectively cutting the older trees once their carbon contribution declines, the foresters help with the natural regeneration of the forests.

Because Ecotree is in full control of its forests, they can provide tree owners with interesting data and reports about the trees. Our own forest is still in an early stage, but we are looking forward to seeing it grow together with our community. 

People and planet before profit.

At Rhamnous, we don’t follow a traditional approach towards business. We value people and planet before profit. We want to grow, but only by delivering high value, creating a meaningful impact, and believing and enjoying in what we do.

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