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If you've seen any Rhamnous designs or videos, they've probably been made by these two!

Tea and Denis were happy to give us a glimpse into their careers.

Tea Velizarova, Co-founder GoForth, Brand & Web Design partner from Bulgaria

What do you like most about working with the Rhamnous Community?

One of the things that immediately made a strong positive impression on me were the easy-going open communication and the creative freedom I experienced through designing for Rhamnous.

Another positive note is that every Rhamnous team member I’ve talked to has been kind, creative, highly professional, and pleasant to work with. The cooperation and quality of feedback (and communication in general) is just as important as the quality and technical specifics of a project itself.

What makes GoForth stand out from the crowd?

My partner Zachary and I founded GoForth in 2019 – he was leaving a previous small business venture, in which I was also partially involved, and I was seeking independence as a designer and service provider at the end of my Graphic Design bachelor degree.

I believe that our unique backgrounds and skills brought together are what makes us stand out and give us individuality. He had a strong technical background, as well first-hand experience in running a business. I did all things graphic design. We founded GoForth with the aim to create a unique product offering with a wide range of potentially interconnected client use cases.

In time, we niched down to what brings the most value to us and our clients. Currently, our services are focused around brand design (from logo design to branded social media content), web design, Webflow development, corporate training and consultancy. We’re one of the few Bulgaria-based Webflow specialized studios.

What has been the biggest ‘aha’ moment in your career?

When I had enough practice to finally pinpoint what type of design work is the most suitable and enjoyable to me.

Design is so multi-faceted and diverse, it can get overwhelming and anti-productive if you try to be everything all at once.

Name the top 2 websites or apps that you can’t imagine your day without.

Figma and Webflow. And Photoshop. Well, and almost all of the Adobe Creative Suite apps, but that stretches out the list quite a bit!

Denis Crvčanin, Video Editor from Bosnia and Herzegovina

What do you like most about working with the Rhamnous Community? 

The variety of projects and the people in the community. I get to work on different kinds of videos for a number of clients which keeps things fresh and interesting, as well as giving me an opportunity to fine-tune my video editing skills even more. Additionally, working with a very diverse community which fosters creativity and collaboration guarantees the best possible outcome for each project. 

What do you most enjoy about working as a freelancer? 

Having the freedom to make your own schedule and to work from anywhere in the world. Freelancing provides a great opportunity to manage your own time and to have a good work-life balance. Also, it gives you access to interesting and diverse projects which will improve your skills in the long run and build up your portfolio massively.  

What professional achievement are you most proud of? 

Being an editor for three feature-length documentaries with a considerable viewership online and on TV in the Balkan region, one of which had a theatrical run in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Seeing something you edited on the big screen was really a dream come true and a professional achievement I will cherish forever.  

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be? 

Be persistent. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Hard work will pay off in the long run and every setback can be used to learn something new and improve your skills. Also, hard work will come easy to you if you are doing something you love, so find your niche and hone your skills. 

Name the top 2 websites or apps that you can’t imagine your day without 

Next to Adobe’s Creative Suite, I would say Adobe Podcast, used to enhance and fix up audio recordings, and Artlist, a great source for all kinds of video assets needed for video editing. 

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