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Yasemin Comert, Photographer from the Netherlands

What do you like most about working with the Rhamnous Community?

I like that everyone in the community is approachable and the lines of communication are short. I know that I can ask anything and will receive an answer. Everybody in the community does their thing and does it well, and at the same time there is also great teamwork. I try to do as much as possible by myself, but there are certain things that I just can’t do. For me as an entrepreneur, it’s reassuring that the community can take over where needed.  

Why did you decide to become a photographer?

I started studying fashion and it didn’t take long for me to realise that I loved styling and aesthetics. After I finished my study, I was gifted a camera. Once I picked it up, I never put it back down. That was 17 years ago, and I still love it so much that I don’t even consider it a job. It’s so rewarding to be part of an important moment, to feel people’s energy and to capture that energy in photos.

What professional achievement are you most proud of? 

I started my own photography business, Comert Photography, 2 years ago, for weddings, branding, and boudoir shoots. Last year I set two goals for myself: to win an award and to shoot a wedding abroad. I managed to reach both goals. I did a three-day wedding shoot in Italy, and I won 11 international awards for best wedding photo.

What is the best part of doing brand photography?

Especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses, professional brand photos are important. They serve as a business card and help you make a great first impression. I enjoy capturing the essence of someone’s business or trade in a collection of images that they will be able to use for years to come.

Mischa van Wieringen, Consultant & Startup Mentor from the Netherlands

Can you explain to us what you do?

I work as a consultant, helping companies bring people and processes together. Most of my clients are remote tech startups. When they start experiencing growing pains, I help them improve their processes and their efficiency, to make things flow again. This is where the name of my company, Flow Consultancy, comes from.

How does your approach stand out from the crowd?

The combination of processes and people is important. Operations is often seen as a stand-alone part of the business, but it belongs together with the cultural part. When implementing new processes or systems, businesses need a people approach to make it a success. That is why I look at the operational component and the human aspect. One simply can’t function without the other, especially in the remote world.

What is your favourite type of client?

I enjoy working with 'techies' and remote tech startups because of their mentality. With them, it's all about what you can do, instead of which diplomas you have. I like their open-mindedness and how their approach to work offers me the freedom to do my job in the best possible way.

Are there any apps or tools that you can't imagine your day without?

I can name several, because tools and software are the most important thing when you're optimizing processes. My favourite tool is Asana, it's the most UX/UI friendly and diverse tool you can use, with amazing automations. Besides Asana, I love using Spark. Spark lets you optimize your email usage, by colour-coding your emails for instance. Airtable is another favourite, it's like Excel on steroids. It's not just great to use these tools myself, I also enjoy setting them up for my clients.

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