A valuable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes

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Instagram is a valuable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for capturing, editing, and sharing photos, videos, and messages. The platform is a great tool for businesses with a focus on visual content and business that use storytelling to create an emotional connection with their customers. 

Instagram has almost 1.4 billion active monthly users and has the highest average engagement rate of all social media platforms, especially when it comes to brand engagement.

What does Instagram offer?

Your business can use Instagram for a variety of advertising and ecommerce purposes. Customers can shop your products with Instagram Shopping, you can reach a wide audience through Branded Content, and share your videos, visuals, success stories and other experiences via Reels, Stories, and Instagram Feed.

Have you tried the Nemesis’ Instagram Widget?

Instagram for Rhamnous works through a unique Instagram Widget created by Rhamnous. The widget allows you to easily visualise the content from your Instagram Feed on your Rhamnous website. By selecting a certain hashtag, the widget presents the image on the website. This means that, as an active Instagram user, you will always have dynamic website content. The best part? It’s fully automated so you can spend more time on creating content that your customers will love.

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