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About the Company 

Metaboolflexibel is a start-up in the health and wellbeing sector offering specialized services focussed on nutrition and personal coaching. 

Their services are based on orthomolecular medicine, with preventing and healing illness through optimal nutrition at its core.

The challenge – An affordable, easy to manage website and brand, with possibilities for future functionalities 

At this early stage in the company’s development, the customer wanted to save time, money, and resources by opting for an easy to manage starter website connected to a basic booking system, but with possibilities for future e-commerce and optimized front-end booking and reservation functionalities.

The customer had special wishes with regards to a healthcare-specific design and requested to be actively involved in the process. For their active involvement in the project planning, from design to launch with Rhamnous’ easy project management process, the customer had set a target of maximum 10 hours of their own time.

The customer had to be able to manage all online support and maintenance tasks, including posting new blog posts, in an average of one hour per month, to ensure that they can remain focused on managing and growing their entire business, rather than spending valuable time on complex processes around their website and online presence.

Metaboolflexibel had an initial budget of less than €1000.

The solution – A Rhamnous website with health industry-specific features and design elements

It was decided that a Rhamnous website was the best fit, after the customer had already tested different competitors such as WordPress, Jimdo en Strato. 

A Rhamnous website fitted well within the customer’s budget and offered an easy to manage solution for live edits and an accessible platform for working with trusted partners within the Rhamnous eco-system.

The customer had already selected a specific booking system that suited their needs, which was connected to the website.

Together with the customer, the design was carefully chosen to allow it to be used for branding, marketing, and other wider purposes as well.

The result – A branding and marketing-friendly website that can grow with the customer’s digital strategy

Thanks to Metaboolflexibel’s clear digital strategy and vision for the future, Rhamnous was able to create a website that not only fulfills the customer’s current needs but its future needs as well. 

This includes functionalities for optimized front-end bookings and reservations and an e-commerce solution for supplements and other health products.

Having a user-friendly website that easily grows along with the company allows Metaboolflexibel to fully focus on their expertise, which is providing specialized health services to their clients.

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