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Rhamnous is proud to partner with Nemesis Software

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Rhamnous is proud to partner with Nemesis Software

Nemesis Software was founded in 2012 by Petar Tahchiev, with the ambitious goal to create a future-proof, cloud-native e-commerce platform. The company has offices in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, Vietnam, and Poland.

Nemesis Software covers a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, telecommunication, insurance, banking, media, logistics, travel, healthcare, and the public sector. Their platform helps medium and enterprise companies grow and scale their e-commerce businesses with top notch technology stack and an omnichannel experience for their customers.

The company’s cloud-native, scalable, and highly customizable application development framework is based on Java in combination with some of the latest technologies, allowing engineers to easily create sophisticated software architectures and build any specific business logic on top of them.
Nemesis provides unlimited out-of-the-box functionalities, suitable for any application needs, whether it is an application development framework, commerce solution, content management or product information management solution.

Who is Petar Tahchiev?

Petar is an award-winning mathematician from Bulgaria, who worked as a Jakarta Cactus lead developer at the Apache Software Foundation and co-authored the best-selling second edition of ‘JUnit in Action’, which teaches readers how to achieve better software quality through implementing various testing strategies.

Besides his role as founder and CEO of Nemesis Software Ltd., he is part of the Maven development team and a regular speaker at some of the biggest open-source software conferences in the world, such as ApacheCON, JavaONE, SpringONE2GX, and SpringIO.

Petar has a passion for open-source technologies. He complements his proven implementation know-how with a pragmatic point of view to help organisations keep pace with the ever-changing needs of their customers. As an experienced leader in the tech industry, he has spent over 12 years delivering innovative digital solutions to some of the largest consumer brands and financial organisations in Europe, the UK, and Asia.

He has led digital teams and delivered technical solutions for clients such as Bobcat, Bridgestone, British National Lottery, Dr.Martens, Triumph, ASOS, LK Bennett, Moneysupermarket, Samsung, AVG, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and many more.

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