Rhamnous & Coralive

Coralive & Rhamnous - a Partnership for the Oceans


Meet Aki, the founder and director of Coralive.

Aki, can you describe the Coralive & Rhamnous partnership?

Rhamnous reached out a few years ago because they wanted to support Coralive. What started out with a simple donation turned into a long-term partnership.

The Rhamnous Community experts have redesigned and created the Coralive website, set up a volunteer portal for marine biologists to find work via Coralive, they took over the creation of the news articles on the website, and they also manage Coralive’s social media channels.

What are the benefits of working with the community?

The SPOC, Single Point Of Contact, makes things a lot easier for me. Rather than searching for individuals with certain skills, I can just place a request with the community, and it will be taken care of. That really saves me a lot of time.

The more online tasks I can outsource to the Rhamnous Community, the more time I can spend in the water attaching corals.

With Rhamnous, you can expect a professional outcome, but what’s more, you can feel the human aspect behind the work. For me, that’s what makes it so much more worth working with Rhamnous than just any other company.

How can others support, or collaborate with Coralive?

Divers, marine biologists and other volunteers can reach out by creating a profile on our portal, the Coral Hub. Donations are always welcome as well, and every donation we receive goes 100% to the corals.

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