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Affordable legal advice

For freelancers, starters and small businesses, legal costs can take a big chunk out of their budget. This is why Rhamnous proudly partners with Rocket Lawyer, a legal service that makes law simpler and more affordable for business and individuals.

What is Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer makes legal services more affordable, simpler, and more accessible to everyone. No matter what type of legal question or challenge you have, Rocket Lawyer has the expertise to help. 

They can answer your legal questions online or, in case more specialised advice is needed, connect you with a lawyer that has just the right expertise. You will get a 30-minute consultation free of charge and after that you can easily get additional support at a reduced rate. You set the rate together, so you’ll never pay more than expected.

What makes Rocket Lawyer stand out?

Unlike other legal service companies, Rocket Lawyer works with transparent monthly subscription plans that start at €32,98 (excl. VAT). Users can activate or cancel their subscription at any time, giving you full control over your budget. There is a free 7-day trial period so you can find out if Rocket Lawyer is right for you before you sign up.

They have an extensive library of contracts and legal letters that you can personalise via just a few questions. If documents need to be signed, simply upload them, and use the RocketSign service, which is free for everyone initially, even for those who don’t have a subscription. 

In addition, they offer hundreds of legal guides with practical advice on starting a business, financing, privacy laws, insurance, business ownership, and many more relevant topics. 

Why use Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer offers affordable services, so even freelancers and small businesses with a tight budget can manage the legal side of their business with confidence, from taxes to billing, and from intellectual property to contracts. 

Rocket Laywer has over 30 million customers worldwide and offices in the Netherlands, the UK, the US, France, Spain, and Brazil. They have been in business since 2008, making them seasoned experts with a wealth of legal knowledge on an international level.

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