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One of our trusted service partners is Trengo, a convenient one-stop omnichannel communication solution.

Trengo allows businesses to communicate both internally and with their customers via one multi-channel inbox and with the help of a multi-agent team. Their single inbox brings all conversations from a variety of communication channels together, including social media channels, email, voice & chat apps.

Why use Trengo?

Trengo is a convenient solution for small, medium, and large companies looking for an easy way to communicate with customers. The main benefit of Trengo is that it unifies all your channels in one shared view, making it easier for your teams to work together, reply faster and improve your customer experience.

Explore the features & benefits

Trengo offers a single, shared view for various social media channels (FB, Twitter, Instagram), email, LiveChat, WeChat, WhatsApp Business, and SMS, all via a single phone number.

Practical internal communication

Users can chat internally, assign conversations to each other, track unattended client messages, tag colleagues in internal emails, and post notes or comments. This allows them to work faster and makes it easier to work together, even remotely. Managers will know exactly what is going on at all times, allowing easy coordination of teams and tasks, while keeping everyone in the loop.

Automation and self-service features

Conversations with customers can be automated via workflows, chatbots, and flowbots, making repetitive tasks a thing of the past. Additionally, self-service features, such as a help center, give customers the option to find answers to their questions themselves, drastically reducing waiting times and support tickets for support agents.

Ample third-party integrations

Trengo facilitates integration with various third-party systems, including Slack, Gmail, Trello, Asana, HubSpot CRM, Magento, Zapier, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Telegram, Shopify, Instagram, Pipedrive, Microsoft Outlook, WooCommerce, Simplesat, Salesforce, and ExactOnline.

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