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The Netherlands

Weerbalans is a Dutch company offering career coaching, life coaching, and workplace reintegration advice. Their services are aimed at helping their clients achieve physical and mental wellbeing, both personally and professionally.

The coaching business is a branch of an osteopathy and physiotherapy practice; Weerfit.

The challenge – An easy to manage, industry-specific website re-design

Weerbalans needed a redesign of the existing osteopathy and physiotherapy practice website, specifically for the coaching branch.

The customer, who does not have any digital knowledge, wanted a straightforward solution that they can easily manage on their own. 

The specific website design requirements were as follows:

  • A design fitting for the healthcare industry, in line with the website from the practice, but with its own look and feel to show the difference between the two.
  • A design that incorporates existing and newly created design assets, plus new assets to be designed by Rhamnous.

The solution – An adaptable Rhamnous Community Service Package

We set up a Rhamnous Service Package that stayed well within the customer’s budget of 1000 euro, combined with a low-cost monthly subscription.

The website features easy Live-edit functionalities, a blog, and an Instagram Feed Integration widget that automatically updates according to hashtags used in the customer’s Instagram feed images. 

For the website development, we used a system that can adapt to existing technologies such as booking system connections. For Weerbalans, it was a Crossuite booking system.

The result – A well-designed online presence that grows with the business

Thanks to low monthly costs and ease of use, the customer can devote their time and budget to the development of their business, and keep the resources needed for their online presence to a minimum.

The customer has ambitious growth plans that include improving the quality and reach of their services and expanding their client base, which the new website will help achieve. 

The new website offers value right from the start and can facilitate both the growth of the coaching branch and the osteopathy and physiotherapy practice.

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