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Enabling the World’s Biggest Denim Producer to Track their Products

Saitex International
Denim Manufacturing

About the Company 

Saitex International is an ethical denim manufacturer headquartered in Vietnam. The company has offices around the world and is one of the world’s leading garment manufacturers. 

More than 10.000 employees work in their manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and the US, where inclusivity and equality are key employment principles. Saitex is the only B Corp-certified garment manufacturer in Asia, a certification that demands high standards of social and environmental impact, and public transparency.

Denim is a cotton fabric, characterized by its sturdiness and diagonal lines, created using a twill weave technique. Saitex produces around six million denim garments per year, for customers including Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Its total customer base is over 1 billion people worldwide. With consumer sustainability awareness on the rise, Saitex set out to create a tracking solution aimed at providing full transparency into the origin of their products and the process involved in manufacturing. 

The challenge - Mapping the product journey from cotton to customer

Nemesis took on the challenge of creating a tracking software that can provide a 360-degree view of the entire manufacturing process, from the raw material to the final product. It called upon the expertise of Rhamnous, and SaaS solution that is part of the Nemesis company group. 

Through the Rhamnous Platform, an elastic tracking solution would be built, capable of supporting an unlimited number of users at any given time, while providing 100% data integrity.

Specific requirements

  • Support an unlimited amount of customer traffic
  • Track and record all phases and components of the product journey
  • Provide transparent manufacturing facility and workforce information
  • Full data integrity and secure cloud data storage 

“We wanted to build a platform to track our sourcing products and make sure that no one of our subcontractors were using child labor, materials of poor quality, or any other bad practice. We knew it would be a serious challenge, so we called for the best.” 

  • M.W., Information Technology and Services 

The solution - A unique garment passport created with tracking software

The product journey starts with a luminescent pigment that is embedded in the cotton fiber, right at the raw source. This non-toxic pigment has no impact on the environment or the product. It creates an individual signature that can be scanned with specific scanning hardware.

Each batch of cotton is tracked via GPS and scanned once it arrives at the manufacturing facility. The scan details are recorded in real-time and stored in the blockchain on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Each following step in the manufacturing process involves scanning and updating in Hyperledger, an open-source blockchain framework. 

Besides the product journey, information about the manufacturing facility and the employees that worked on the product is updated as well. This guarantees full transparency about company practices and ensures that no child labor was used in garment production.

The tracking data is shared via a platform that tells the story of each item, from field to store. This unique garment passport is accessible online from any device, via the platform’s REST layer. All the customer needs to do is scan the garment and log in to view the product, factory, and employee information.

The result – A 77% increase in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

The tracking software enables Saitex to fully eliminate bad practices when dealing with subcontractors.

The company has reported a significant increase in conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. The increased consumer trust has led to a reduced amount of returned orders from customers. 

“Our customers’ trust and social responsibility are what’s most valuable to us. And thanks to the Nemesis software and their awesome platform we were able to achieve both.” 

  • S. B., Owner of Saitex International 

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