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About the Company 

Vivacom is a leader in developing modern telecommunication services to meet the highest professional standards - from mobile and fixed voice services to high-speed fiber optic internet, and from digital interactive TV to tailor-made telecommunication solutions. 

The company services the needs of over 4 million customers, employs more than 6,000 staff, and owns a mature distribution network with over 300 branded retail outlets and alternative sales points. 

To maintain its position as a market leader, the company set out to introduce new services and adapt its service provisioning to suit the changing needs of its customers.

The challenge – Empowering customers & boosting sales - at lower costs

In order for Vivacom to capitalize on its competitive advantage in service sales, it was essential for the company to improve its customer experience and drive its online sales. 

An omnichannel approach was needed through the integration of various sales and marketing channels, allowing a seamless customer journey. 

By choosing a single platform with a self-care portal and an e-commerce solution, Vivacom would be able to reduce its IT maintenance costs while benefiting from a coherent, transparent, and user-friendly solution. 

For an empowering customer experience, a full self-care portal should enable customers to do the following:

  • log-in to a web/mobile platform 
  • create and edit personal account 
  • manage payment plans 
  • check and pay outstanding bills 
  • issue and view invoices 
  • manage used services 
  • add and stop extra services 
  • create a personalized service package

To drive online sales, a full e-commerce solution should enable customers to: 

  • shop mobile devices and accessories 
  • purchase subscription plans 
  • upgrade existing subscription plans 
  • purchase complimentary services 
  • shop product bundles 
  • search with advanced search options 
  • experience an omnichannel customer experience

The e-commerce solution should work as an online store with a catalog, shopping cart, and check-out functionality.

Through the store, customers would be able to manage their subscriptions, including plans and add-ons, compare pricing, view promotions, and have the option to bundle products or services. 

The omnichannel experience would require the integration of the self-care portal with the call center and with both the online store and physical stores through click-and-collect.

Finally, the platform would need a content management system that allows employees to efficiently manage content such as text, images, and video elements, and other elements including responsiveness. 

“We needed a commerce platform that could support our core business digitally, and also extend into other channels, customer touchpoints, and product categories.” 

R.D., Chief Information Officer

The solution - A single platform solution for self-care & e-commerce 

PHASE 1: The self-care portal

In phase 1, the self-care portal was designed and implemented. 

Customers can securely authenticate and log in with a single set of credentials through Single sign-on (SSO). 

On the platform, they can view their current service subscriptions, manage permissions, upgrade, or renew subscriptions and purchase subscription add-ons. 

The solution puts customers in full control of their voice service, mobile broadband, and other service offerings. 

The platform can also be used to deliver precisely targeted information, such as new offers or relevant promotions, based on customer activity.

PHASE 2: E-commerce solution

In phase 2 the e-commerce solution was designed and implemented.

The e-commerce functionality supports commerce features that allow cross-sells, up-sells, and notifications, upholding sustainable business growth. 

The solution makes it easy for Vivacom to track sales by location or category, track margin and profit, allow discount pricing, track inventory, and more. It also allows the company to offer and utilize tools like dynamic bundling and pricing, subscriptions, offer management, and merchandising.

The platform, which runs on a custom website and custom application, relies on various technologies, including Nemesis, Spring, Java, Hazelcast, Elastic, Redis, and Maven. 

The results – Increased customer satisfaction, higher sales & lower customer service workload 

Increased customer satisfaction and engagement

Vivacom introduced a true omnichannel experience, allowing customers to use whichever channel is most convenient for them, any time of day.

Regardless of whether customers use a desktop or mobile device, their experience is always optimized for the task and channel of their choice.

The self-care portal provides a more convenient and personalized experience, lets customers take control of their accounts and their purchases (including browsing invoices, performing top-ups and payments, reviewing financial transactions, browsing financial documents, and setting their own language preferences).

Lower customer service workload and costs

By enabling customer self-care, the bulk of customer management tasks have shifted to the customer and the number of customer service calls has reduced significantly. 

Issues can be reported in a convenient and simple way, without the need to contact customer service. Overall, this has led to a lower customer service team workload and a noticeable cost reduction.

Increased conversion and simplified sales

The new platform allows for non-intrusive advertising of services and promotions and increased conversion by reaching customers with targeted and personalized offers, directly on their device.

Through customer behavior tracking, addressing their actual needs with relevant recommendations and content is easier than ever. Customers are empowered with easy access to information about new services and products, simplifying the sales process.

“From our first communication with the Nemesis team, it was clear that they truly understood the telecommunications market and our specific pain points as an operator.”

 R.D., Chief Information Officer

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